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Reardon Sullivan endorsed by GCAAR in the primary election

I am very proud to announce that I have been endorsed by the GCAAR in the race for County Executive.


The GCAAR press release notes “Reardon Sullivan sees our jurisdiction moving in the wrong direction and wants to correct course to build a better quality of life for our residents. He believes burdensome regulation and needless red tape are stifling job creation and business growth, as we fall behind neighboring jurisdictions.”

GCAAR Endorsements

Sullivan supports the mission of GCAAR stating: “As a long time resident of Montgomery County, I understand the importance of real estate to the fabric of our community and fully support the mission of GCAAR to be a voice for local real estate, the right to own, use and transfer real property

Sullivan further stated, “I believe Montgomery County must move in a new direction to support home ownership for all income levels in Montgomery County. The current crop of County Executive candidates have continued to unfairly tax home ownership and failed to support the construction of affordable housing in the County.”


By authority of Reardon Sullivan for MoCo- Victoria Birkett, Treasurer
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