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Great interview on WTTG Fox News

I reminded her that the Democrat voters in Montgomery County are heavily divided. 60% of the voters in the Democrat primary did NOT vote for Marc Elrich. 40% of the voters in the Democrat primary supported David Blair, whose positions are similar to mine. 20% of the voters voted for Hans Riemer, and I agree with Hans Riemer on several issues including bringing 5G to the County and fixing the American Legion bridge. Even David Blair stated the Democrat party is divided and that the voting indicates the citizens in the County are looking for more moderate leadership.


I also reminded Marissa that the independent voters have not yet been heard from, and they comprise 25% of the electorate. Independents tend to break ~70% conservative, if given a viable option.


There is a very real anti-Elrich sentiment in the County that is echoed by many small business owners, restaurant owners, parents that had their children’s education stymied, and many people that thought his mandates were an overreach.


She also allowed me to discuss several key points of my campaign including public safety, education, and the local economy.


We closed the segment talking about how Montgomery County needs to get away from identity politics and not worry if someone is black, white, male, female, Republican or Democrat.  We need to elect people that will do the best job for the County.

By authority of Reardon Sullivan for MoCo- Victoria Birkett, Treasurer
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