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Meet Sully

Montgomery County, Maryland is in transition. I am very concerned about where our County is headed. Alarmingly, violent crime is on the rise. Performance in County public schools is on the decline. County spending of your tax dollars is increased without the review of current spending. All while our elected County leadership is tone deaf to the issues you care about while enacting policies that deter economic and job growth. This is NOT the County we envisioned for our families and that is why I am running to serve as your next County Executive; to turn things around. I need your support, and I ask for your vote. The time is now. Together we can turn Montgomery County around for the better!

As your County Executive, I will listen to your concerns AND work to bring common sense to our local government. Specific strategies include:

  • Reviewing current County expenses before committing to new spending
  • Prioritizing County spending so our tax dollars are focused on need-to-have rather than nice-to-have programs
  • Partnering with local business instead of being an obstacle to economic progress and job growth
  • Supporting and funding our police and first responders to get violent criminals off our streets and out of our neighborhoods
  • Assuring our children are taught the core basic educational requirements in reading, math and science; and not spoon-fed feel-good theories that fail to prepare our youth for the real world
  • Providing mental and financial help to those in real need

I am uniquely positioned to serve as your next County Executive. As a longtime resident of the County, a product of Montgomery County Public Schools and a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Engineering, I know our County, including the good and the bad. As the owner of a local business for over 25 years; I also understand business, collaboration, and common-sense decision-making.

Marc Elrich has enacted policies that are turning Montgomery County into “California East.” All have supported ballot initiatives that will raise our taxes. We need new leadership that brings decision-making and policy back to the center based on common sense, with reasonable spending to prepare our children for the future they will inherit, and to get serious about fighting crime.

With your help, we can return Montgomery County back to its former level of greatness. The voters of all diverse backgrounds can come together and we can right this ship.


By Authority Reardon Sullivan for MoCo – Victoria Birkett, Treasurer

By authority of Reardon Sullivan for MoCo- Victoria Birkett, Treasurer
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